About PHSolutions

India is a fast growing country.  Indian logistic industry is growing at the rate of 15-20%. It is expected to reach $385bn by 2015. Advancement in infrastructure and technology has changed the world.  World’s class companies are coming in India and with Make in India movement demands of logistics services will increase day by day.  Due to lack of trained man power company will not be able to grow as rapidly as industry is growing.


Our Skill

We provide training for different segments in Logistics.  We try to bridge gap of trained man power at all levels. There is a gap in good industry practices as well. We not only provide trained staff but also provide solution in terms of solution, IT as well.



Team of PHSolution

Mrs Rupal Dhamesha she have very good experience in IT with domain experties in Logistics, Education, Finance and service industry. Very good in solution making and training. She is providing consultation in Logistics and Education.